Rheaume's Kennel

Gundog Training At Its Best !


Being a 3rd generation dog handler, Paul has over 30 years experience with pointing and flushing breeds.  Rheaume's Kennel offers a 4-week gundog class that is all inclusive.  It covers obedience, introduction to gunfire, establishing and holding point, field work with live birds, and land and water retrieving.  This is an excellent program for young dogs just starting out, for experienced dogs tuning up, or for dogs with issues.

Your dog will stay at our state-of-the-art kennels for the duration of the class.  The kennels are double fenced and are located only 20 yards from our house, which provides for 24 hour supervision.  We have an acre fenced exercise run for playtime and a back course for fieldwork.  Our back course consists of natural habitat and a pond for the complete hunting experience.  We use Bob white quail, pigeons, and ducks which are included in the price of the class.

In addition to the standard vaccinations (7 in 1 shot and Rabies), all dogs must be given Bordatella to protect against Kennel Cough.  You need to bring the current shot records for verification to the drop off appointment.  Also bring a 40 or 50 pound bag of feed for your dog to keep him on his regular diet.

Each dog is given a 2 week evaluation period, after which we will inform you on your dog's progress.  You are encouraged to come and work your dog with Paul anytime after the first 2 weeks.  We work well with owners and their dogs.




2020 Training Schedule

April 5 - May 2
May 10 - June 6
June 14 - July 11
July 19 - August 15
Sept 13 - October 10